Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NRH Conquers Blizzard(s) of 2010

New Value Spirit Helps Team Members Work Together During Big Storm

While we all hope there are no more snowstorms quite like the ones we had in early February, one thing we hope we never lose here at NRH is the spirit of teamwork.

We recently welcomed a new group of New Value Ambassadors aboard here at NRH and in the process we saw the ‘old’ New Value spirit come alive in numerous ways with Team Members spending the night, offering more than their fair share of time, across weekends and at night, helping each other and assisting our patients.

John Rockwood, NRH President, expressed extreme gratitude for the great job done by all. “I can’t thank everyone enough for the effort and the hard work put in by all Team Members. I’m very proud of the great group of people we have here, who gave everything they had to be here during these snowstorms and sacrificed their time and time away from their families, for our patients and for NRH.”

Team Members found numerous ways to make sure they arrived at work to help meet the needs of patients even if they were stuck in snow, their drivers were stuck in snow, or if they tried to walk to work.

People were picking one another up or helping to pitch in where they usually didn’t or work extra shifts, which many of our nurses did. Medical residents and full-time medical staff also logged extra time and made sure they were here.

Jon Moncton, NRH Rehab Engineer, even skied here in the first round aftermath of storms! “I don’t live too far away, over by Providence Hospital,” said Moncton, who works part-time on Saturdays with patients and wanted to make sure he was at the hospital to work with them and fulfill his commitment. “I started to try and dig my car out first, but I realized I was running late, so I got my skis on.”

The hospital grounds lost some trees due to the storm, but such is the way of Mother Nature. But not even Mother Nature could prevent NRH Team Members from working together to make sure patients and each other were safe during the winter blasts of 2010.

Here’s a sampling from those who were here at NRH during the Blizzard(s) of 2010:

“I am very happy for the treatment the Nursing Team Members received here at NRH (during the snowstorm). We’re all very thankful for the treatment and the meals. This was a very nice gesture by Administration to do this and all of the Nurses greatly appreciate it.” – Claudette Campell, NRH Nurse 3-East

“We would like to express our most profound appreciation to the NRH Executive Leadership Team for their heartfelt actions that made this snowstorm bearable. Thank you for the sleeping accommodations, food, transportation assistance, and entertainment. You made our place of work a home away from home. We, simply, want to say thank you.” – Alquietta Brown, NRH Director of Nursing

“This is the story from Lorraine Stewart, RN on 3-East. Lorraine's neighborhood was swamped by the Blizzard of 2010 but she knew she had to somehow make an attempt to find her car buried deep in the depths of a snow mound, to drive to work. She quickly realized that this may not have been the greatest idea as her car became stuck in the snow. She knew she could count on help from her co-workers and called NRH to check on the possibility of being picked by the transport service. This is where her story became more adventurous. Mr. Pillow, the hospital's transport driver, arrived at her home in his van with three other employees already in tow. Just seconds down the road, the van became stuck in the snow on a hill on the road to pick-up yet another employee, Cecelia. Continuing to realize the goodness in others, a lady nearby was shoveling her driveway and, after hearing that the van was full of hospital nurses trying to get to NRH, kindly loaned them her shovel. Mr. Pillow and Lorraine continued shoveling but were in need of yet another shovel! The snow was falling fast... the temperature was frigid...and the van... was still stuck. Lorraine decided to trek up the hill to Cecelia's house, calling her while trotting through the snow, and asked Cecelia to bring a shovel. Lorraine and Cecelia, with a shovel in hand, arrived back at the van to continue their task. Lorraine quickly rejoined Mr. Pillow in the big dig out lasting about an hour before they were able to free the van and continue their trip to NRH.” – Clydette Wilkinson-Roberts, Clinical Nurse Manager, NCCR

“Everybody truly worked together. From Administration on down, we all worked as a team. That’s all part of really being a team. John Rockwood set the tone. He got down in the trenches with us. Everyone takes from his attitude and genuine leadership and works together.” – Renee Butler, NRH Manager, Telecommunications

“They (Administration) made us feel comfortable. The food was good, the movie was good. There were no conflicts. When we had to work together, we did.” – Sandra Smith, Unit Clerk, 2-West

“We all pulled together. There were no problems.” – Dalia Cayetano, Comfort Care Tech, 2-West

“In an effort to cover the nursing needs for 2-West, Team Members put together a slumber party room in Room 241. This room contained five beds and one stretcher for sleeping. Team Members set up the room with bedding supplies and took turns sleeping there. It was the most popular room on the floor. The slumber party was ongoing.” – Cynthia ‘Mac’ McDonald, Director of Nursing, 2nd Floor

“I came away with a better appreciation of the hospital (after the snowstorm). People were all very supportive, helpful. That’s a sign of a good organization when you can take everyone in the building and know where they are. The patients were impressed too, with how seamless everything was. To them, it was business as usual.” – Amanda Schmid, NRH Clinical Food Manager

“From Monday through Thursday, we all worked together through the snowstorm. We didn’t mind covering for each other. The patients were very taken aback by that.” – Barbara McKenzie, Unit Clerk

“Patients expressed appreciation for the fact that we all were there for them and that we did everything we had to do to make sure we cared for them and met their needs.” – Jon Moncton, NRH Rehab Engineer

“I was mentally prepared to stay the night. Everyone was working together. People were not just here for the paycheck. I think the patients felt good we were all there and felt very comforted by our presence.” – Arlethia Webster-Hardy, Unit Clerk, who tried to walk to NRH during the second snowstorm and was helped by a police officer to get to work, who saw her struggling in the blizzard.

“My overall impression is that the NRH Team Members showed a great deal of unselfishness and dedication during the recent blizzards. Many made sure they were able to provide the care needed by staying overnight before the blizzards hit.” – Dr. Kritis Dasgupta, NRH Brain Injury Program

“During the (snow)storm I was scheduled to work the weekend and ended up staying over with four other OT's, 2 SLP's and a PT. As a therapy team we pulled together to provide patient care and to make it through the weekend staying at NRH. I got to know my Team Members better and we had fun playing in the snow. Snow Bocce!! I think the patients were grateful that we were able to provide therapy despite the storm.” – Kristen Ryan, NRH Occupational Therapist