Thursday, April 15, 2010

NRH President Discusses Being an NRH Team Member

Our recruitment team invited John Rockwood, President of National Rehabilitation Hospital and The NRH Medical Rehabilitation Network, to a meeting recently. Little did he know, we were going to put a Flip video camera in front of him and ask him a few questions about what makes the ideal Team Member here at NRH. Included in this video are some of his candid thoughts about Team Members supporting our mission and philosophy, and the great opportunities we have at NRH. Also in the video, you will see that his name-tag says "John." There is no "Mr. Rockwood" at NRH!

John recently succeeded NRH Founder Ed Eckenhoff as President of NRH. To read the full story of Ed's retirement and John's appointment, click here to be directed to the press release.

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